Our mission is to offer affordable, compassionate, and thorough health care through chiropractic. We strive to treat the underlying problem, and not just the symptoms, as we focus on total body wellness. Initially, we aim to lessen and then eliminate your pain by utilizing chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, stretching, home exercises, etc. After we have you pain-free, we offer maintenance care to optimize your health.

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“Lance is awesome... never had Chiropractic care before and was skeptical about the whole process but now my migraines are less frequent and less intense, as well as being able to sleep better with less pain in my back.”

“I had extreme itching and eczema from head to toe- all the prescription creams, medicine, and shot didn’t help.  When I was about to give up, a great friend referred me to Lance.  He found out that my body was reacting poorly to white refined sugar.  I immediately switched to cane sugar and started supplements to detox my body and ALL of my eczema cleared up.  I can’t thank him enough!”

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Most health insurances are accepted including Highmark Blue Shield, Capital Blue Cross, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna and all motor vehicles and workers compensation insurance. We also accept some Geisinger Insurances and for Geisinger insurances that we don’t, we offer a discount of services through the Geisinger affinity program.